Want To Evolve?

Do you feel like you never know what to wear?

Do you find hard to create different outfits?

Do you look to your full wardrobe and can't find anything you really like? Are you always wearing the same clothes?

​Feel like you have no style?

You are not alone. It's Time To Evolve!

Our Services

Online Mentoring

It doesn't matter where you are! Let's connect and start today the change process that you need!

Closet Makeover

Getting rid of what's not your style! Invite me to visit your closet and we'll turn it upside down together! The result? Only items that shows the world your better version!

Different Types Body Shapes

Triangle or “Pear”
Your hips are probably wider than your shoulders and bust. You probably have slim arms and a fairly defined waist. Your waist most likely slopes out to your hips.
Bottom Hourglass
As a bottom hourglass, you have the general hourglass shape, but your hip measurements are slightly larger than your bust. Stylists probably point you toward form-fitting knits and dresses.


Lizzie Mitchell

Fashion Stylist

Our deep knowledge of styling to build the right proportions in an outfit so the person can look taller, slender, thinner. We use the whole spectrum of methods we've learned throughout the years of working with different types of customers.

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